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We note that many members make reference to on the forum, even providing helpful links to the products discussed in the thread. Many members have also requested how they can provide assistance to the ROG. With this information, we decided to research options of how the ROG can work with Amazon, to assist and benefit our members.

Based on our research, we noted Amazon operates a couple of programs that support various organisations. The Amazon Smile program is designed for registered charities, but as a non-profit orgainisation, we are not eligible for that program. However, the ROG is eligible for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate Program requires us to provide a link on our website to an Amazon search bar. We note some websites display advertising icons; however, in compliance with our no advertising policy, we have elected a very understated Amazon page currently accessed from the Main Menu, at the top of the left sidebar..


Amazon Affiliate Program

Simply by creating an Amazon link, to facilitate locating products directly from our website, Amazon will pay a commission to ROG for all products purchased. The commission rate varies, depending on products purchased.

Here is how it works:

  • On the “Main Menu”, currently located on the left sidebar, we have created a new page titled, “Amazon”. This is the only connection to Amazon that is visible on the website, or forum.
  • When you are considering making an Amazon purchase, if you use the search bar on our Amazon page and complete a purchase, you will pay exactly the same price, but ROG will receive a small commission.
  • To confirm, if you utilise the ROG link, you will pay exactly the same price as you would at and Amazon will pay a small commission to ROG.
  • You may purchase any Amazon product through the link on our website

·       Note – If you do not see the search bar on our Amazon page, you will have to temporarily disable your Ad Blocker software, then refresh the page.


If you intend on making purchases from Amazon, please consider supporting the ROG and using our website link. All revenue received from this program will be used to reduce the membership fees and/or provide enhanced membership services.



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