AndyPattersonCloseupWelcome! on behalf of the Board of Directors and our many members, welcome to the Redwood Owner’s Group (ROG) website and integrated discussion forum. We welcome everyone with an interest in the fabulous RV’ing lifestyle, regardless if you are a full timer or weekend camper, a Redwood owner, owner of another brand or are simply conducting research, prior to purchasing an RV. Our members reside throughout both the United States and Canada.


Originally conceived by the Redwood owners attending the 2014 Redwood RV National Rally, the ROG is an inclusive club that welcomes members owning any of the Redwood brands, industry members or potential owners with an interest in a high end 5th wheel.  The ROG is entirely managed and operated by volunteer owners, and while a separate business entity from the manufacturer, we maintain excellent communications with the senior executive and receive extensive support at the annual national rally.


The ROG is driven by our Mission Statement, which discusses bringing together Redwood enthusiasts, employees and dealers, to foster an environment that is conducive to sharing knowledge, information and ideas to enhance the RV’ing lifestyle. To meet these lofty goals, the ROG volunteer management team, in our few short months of operation, has developed or implemented:


  • The ROG website and integrated forum, on a platform that is easy to use, is readily expandable and has extensive help available online
  • Technical Library – our Technical Committee developed an ever expanding technical library, which includes solutions to common issues, reference manuals/drawings, owner modifications, recalls, checklists, etc. Our technical volunteers are constantly developing and uploading new content.
  • Rallies – we currently schedule an annual National Rally during the summer months in Northern Indiana, at a campground close to the factory. In addition to factory service technicians visiting the campground, we receive a number of technical presentations and schedule numerous social activities. We are currently discussing a time frame to commence planning a regional rally that would move around North America.
  • Social Events – we facilitate the communications between owners to arrange local social events, whether getting together for tea/coffee, or having a small group of owners meeting at a local RV park.
  • Discussion Forum – We have an active discussion forum, where owners can share their experiences and knowledge with other owners.
  • ROGroups – this is a new initiative we are developing where owners can join special interest groups to discuss topics relevant to life in an RV. Some of the current topics include - RV’ing with pets, photography, travel planning, hobbies, full timing, etc.

Introduced to the market in late 2010, Redwood RV has quickly attained an industry leading position in the high end 5th wheel segment of the market. Although the ROG is not affiliated with Redwood RV, as owners, we share the belief that these are exceptional coaches, and the manufacturer is an industry leader. Redwood RV is fully supportive of the owner’s group and we maintain excellent communications to assist in resolving issues, enhancing owner satisfaction and providing feedback. At the 2015 Rally, the ROG initiated discussion on implementing a transferable warranty. This initiative was accepted, with Redwood RV implementing an industry first transferrable warranty. The ROG also conducts an annual survey, which included owner satisfaction and suggestions, which is provided to Redwood management for their review. Numerous owner suggestions have been incorporated into previous new models and we eagerly await the changes for the 2017 models.

Anybody can join the ROG, as our multi-tiered membership levels were developed to accommodate members of the public researching RV’s in general, up to and including the many Redwood owners, employees and dealers. We have 2 levels of complimentary (free) membership and a 3rd level of paid membership. The levels are:

  • Public – this is available to anybody accessing our site. No need to register or provide any personal information. However, this level has “read only” access to limited content of the website and forum.
  • Registered – this is available to anybody that signs up on the website. This requires providing some personal details and responding to a verification email. This membership has “Read and write” access to most of the forum and limited areas of the website.
  • Paid Membership – we have multiple categories for owners, Redwood employees, dealers or those interested in the brand. These memberships have full access to the website and forum, especially the technical library.

Again, welcome to the ROG, I hope you sit back and enjoy, while browsing our ever growing content. Please consider joining our continuously expanding community, so you too can share your knowledge and experience with the other owners. I hope to see you someday around a campfire, or rolling down the road with a beautiful Redwood 5th wheel behind your tow vehicle. 


Yours, in comfortable RV’ing,


Andy Patterson


Redwood Owners Group


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Redwood Owners Group, Inc. is the quintessential Redwood Owners Group providing a website and events for the discussion of technical, practical, and entertaining issues relating to all Redwood Residential Vehicles. These include the Redwood, Sequoia, Cypress and Blackwood lines of residential vehicles.  The Redwood Owners Group provides through rallies, meetups and social networking many ways to meet and connect with other Redwood RV owners.

Redwood Owners Group, Inc. is not affiliated with Redwood or CrossRoads Recreational Vehicles, its subsidiaries, or affiliates.