Welcome to the Registration for the National Redwood 2017 Rally

We are sorry but at this time registration for the Rally is closed.  Hope to see you next year!


Once again this year's rally will be held in Shipshewana South Campground, Shipshewana, Indiana from July 19th to 22nd.  While this is the 6th annual rally, it is only the 2nd enhanced rally that is entirely planned, scheduled and hosted by your Redwood Owner’s Group (ROG).


First a message from the Rally Chairman Vaughan Fitch (Piperguy). 


Tracy and I own a 2013 Redwood 36RL that we bought new in November of 2012.  Tracy named her Tilda, so if you hear either of us refer to Tilda, we’re talking about the Coach.  Tilda is pulled by Denny, the Dually.  LOL  We’ve been to every Rally except the first one, which had I believe 8-9 coaches.

Last year was the largest Rally to date with just shy of 100 Redwoods.  A great Rally, Jay did a fantastic job.  The only thing I regretted was that there wasn’t much “down time” for socializing, meeting other owners, and exploring the area.  I’m going to attempt to do my best to have another informative and well attended Rally by both Vendors and Redwoods, but with a lot of free time like the earlier Rallies had. 

Along those lines, this year, included in your Registration fees, are dinners Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and Pastries each morning Wednesday through Saturday from Risen Roll Bakery.  For those of you that have not been to Shipshewana before, food and dining is an experience there and I think you can gain weight just from the smells ……….  The same caterer that did the Rally last year will be doing all three dinners.  Last year’s dinner Friday was a hit, ~ Filet Mignon ~ and will be repeated.  I know the General Manager of the Caterer well and he has guaranteed fabulous food.  Saturday night will be our traditional Pot Luck.

Friday night will also have a dance band.  One of our Redwood owners, and the band is really good.

I’m still working on the schedule, but I will tell you that the Seminar and speaker schedule is more relaxed.  Start time is 9:30 and will end by 4:00.  Each morning is Pastries and Donuts and bring your coffee or tea to the tent for socializing and waking up from 8:00 ~ 9:30.  There will be something going on Wednesday and Thursday nights for light entertainment.  There are a few side trips being worked on by some volunteers.

As for Vendors, both MorRyde and Lippert will be returning as well as several of the ones we had last year.  A few new ones are in the works.

Redwood Service will again this year be doing 2 service items for each coach.  If possible to do it at the campground, the repair will be done onsite.  A form to register your coach for this will be available on the ROG website later this spring.

I am working with the campground to make check-in and moving to your site as smooth as possible.  IF YOU WANT A FRIEND NEXT TO YOU, PLAN ON ARRIVING TOGETHER.  LOGISTICALLY, WE CANNOT LEAVE OPEN SPOTS.

Plan on joining us, plan on having a great time meeting new friends, and plan on learning a LOT about your rig. 

Again this year, The Texas RV Professor, Terry Cooper, will be offering his 3-day RV Maintenance course on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the Rally.  Terry is a great instructor, teaches a really good course, and the price is reasonable.  Go to  www.mobilervacademy.com and look under Consumer Training for more info and to register for the course.

In closing, if you had offered to help previously, please contact me.  My email folders crashed and I lost the list of volunteers that offered to help.  I’d like to put together a volunteer list for Registration and some other light tasks so that no one has more than about a half day of duties.

I can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Look forward to seeing everyone !! 

Vaughan & Tracy



Registration Process

Upon completion and submission of the online registration form, you will be directed to the payment page; where you can pay online with a credit card or offline by mailing a cheque. Once full payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email that provides additional information.

If paying by cheque, please allow at least 2 weeks for receipt of the cheque, processing payment and receipt of the confirmation package. 

Important – rally sign-up is a 2-step process.  In addition to the online ROG rally registration, you MUST also call the campground to reserve a campsite. When you call the campground, advise you are attending the Redwood Rally, and reserve a site.  The campground information is: Shipshewana Campground South Park +1-260-768-4669. The campground requires a credit card to reserve a site, but does not charge a reservation fee. All campground fees are paid upon arrival.

Do not reserve a campsite using their website, as you will not receive the rally rates (no exceptions). Please phone and state you are with the Redwood Rally. 


Rally Budget/Fees

The additional catered meals are a significant component of the budget and they are a great addition to the rally schedule.  Therefore, to ensure fairness to single attendees, and coaches with 3rd/4th persons, we have instituted a per person fee, rather than a per coach fee.  Your rally registration fee is based on the number of adults (13 years and older).  Children 12 years old and under are free.  The rally is a self-sustaining activity and operates on a net-zero balanced budget.  The Redwood Owners Group is now responsible for almost all the expenses related to the rally. We also wish to be fair to all our members, not just the ones whom attend the National Rally.


Paid ROG Member Discounts

The rally registration process will automatically select your membership status and set the appropriate fee.  If you are not currently a paid member of the Redwood Owners Group, but wish to receive the paid member discounted rate, please complete the paid membership upgrade before signing up for the rally.  You can do this by selecting Manage Subscription.


Fees (per person)

  1. Early Bird Fees (available until 23:59 EDST 31st March)
    • Paid ROG Member $50 **
    • Non-Paid Member/Public $65
  2. Regular Fees (On completion of early bird dates until all spots are filled, or 1 month before rally)
    • Paid ROG Member $70 **
    • Non-Paid Member/Public $85
  3. Within 1 month of the rally, any additional registrations are at discretion of Rally Chairman and subject to space availability, caterers, etc.
  4. If you must cancel after completing the registration/payment process, we will refund your payment, less the following fees, which cover our expenses:
    • Prior to June 19th, 2017 - $10
    • From June 19th to July 11th, 2017 - $25
    • After July 12th, 2017 – We regret No refunds are available 

** To receive the paid ROG member rate you must:

  • Be a paid member when registering for the rally, and
  • Maintain paid membership until at least the end of the rally, and
  • Have completed a paid membership renewal in calendar year 2017, or have  a membership with an expiration date in 2018
  • The paid member rate is available to all persons in a qualifying coach, where at least 1 person is a paid ROG member, in good standing.



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