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TOPIC: 2019 National Rally Update From Redwood

2019 National Rally Update From Redwood 2 months 3 weeks ago #1

  • Paul Bridges
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  • “Paul
  • Redwood/2015/38RL
Almost all the continuing updates from the National Rally have been recorded on the ROG Facebook page. I want to preserve this discussion from the Redwood Management Team on this forum so it is easier to access:

From the National Rally meeting with Redwood, Friday, 7/19/2019.

Tim Cress, National Sales Manager for Redwood, introduced the Redwood Management Team. He gave this update:

First 5 months of 2019 nationally, towable sales down 6.2%. Fifth wheel sales down 8.7%. Crossroad sales up 4.3%.

Tim reinforced their commitment to help owners. They request we go through the dealership first, and if repeated dissatisfaction then call the Redwood customer service number, ask to speak to your Regional Sales Representative for Redwood in your location.

Many new ideas came from national industry show called RVX this year in Salt Lake City.

He encouraged feedback to the Management Team during the factory tours this afternoon.

Questions/Answers we (as owners) submitted to Redwood:

Q: Is there a Redwood advisory team who use the product?
A: No, which is why they value constructive feedback - primarily through the ROG forum and ROG Facebook page.

Q: What should we do about dealers who refuse warranty work because they didn't sell the unit?
A: Call Redwood Regional Rep and ask for help finding a facility for warranty work.

Q: What if I have specific questions about changing my Redwood to update something a newer unit has?
A: Call RW Regional Rep with your VIN and they can find the answers.

Q: Why did RW discontinue the slide-in-slide?
A: That option is not discontinued, it is on hold as they evaluate other options - currently the tilt bed system to provide the additional floor space in bedrooms.

Q: Why would RW build some units with such little storage space?
A: Current changes had the intent to provide more natural lighting. They are always looking and re-evaluating, and there is give-and-take in each design change. They have to offer a variety of floor plans and all will not be suitable for everyone.

Q: What currently sets Redwood apart from other high-end manufacturers?
A: 1) Best warranty in the industry (2 year bumper-to-bumper, 3 year structural), 2) High quality structural frame, wood interior, exterior fiberglass. Dollar for dollar, no other manufacturer provides what Redwood does.

Q: Why are there so many recent suspension/spring hanger issues?
A: Because of recent posts, Redwood pulled all warranty issues and current claims are in line with several previous years. They are researching the deeper potential causes, but the recent appearance of a trend, they believe, is primarily due to the rise in social media and we simply know about more numbers than we used to. But Tim reiterated they researched previous claims and there is not a rise in number of claims. They are taking it seriously.

Q: Why no warranty work provided at the factory?
A: Redwood use to provide that service to owners, but now there are more than 5,000 Redwoods on the road and it is impractical. Use the dealer network first, if not satisfied, the RW Regional Rep can help you get action. And yes, if the coach needs to come back to the factory they will do that.

Q: What about quality control?
A: They continually make changes to improve QC while the coach is being built. They have responded to feedback on items like trim - changed the design so they can put better fasteners in. They added a third PDI facility. 100% of Redwoods are rain tested with slides out and in. They continue to strive to improve quality as they are built. Dealers are supposed to provide new owners with their PDI intended to repair items from transport or that got missed.

Q: What is the best method to provide feedback to Redwood?
A: Through social media like the ROG forum or Facebook page, or a call to your Regional Rep.

Q: Have things improved with parts since the relationship with Keystone?
A: Keystone parts warehouse stocks over 18,000 items for Keystone products. 96% of calls are answered, 90% parts are shipped within 72 hours. Redwood feels that response has greatly improved over what they were able to provide.

Q: Why won't Redwood share diagrams, colors, etc. with owners?
A: They will. Contact your Regional Rep with your VIN.

Q: Can upgraded Redwoods be recertified for higher GVWR? (i.e. unit came with 7,000 lb axles but upgraded to 8,000).
A: No. As the manufacturer they cannot recertify a unit. It was built to the standards they are certified at.

Q: Are the new Redwood drum brakes comparable to disc brakes?
A: No. Disc brakes are a different technology.

Q: Why not offer Independent Suspension (IS) as an option?
A: Price point of units on dealer lots.

Q: Why not plumb gray tanks together for more capacity?
A: Would not work on some floor plans, simple upgrade owners can do with gate valve if they have the need.

Q: I have an issue that has never been resolved by dealer and now out of warranty.
A: Should/could have called Regional Rep. Call Regional Rep.

Q: Is it true workers are paid by the piece instead of hourly, and why do that?
A: Yes, it is true. The entire industry is paid by the piece and if they changed to hourly they would lose many highly skilled workers. The industry is highly competitive for skilled workers.

Q: Is there any plans to stop supporting the Redwood rallies with techs?
A: No. Emphatically No.

Q: What about the long wait for service?
A: Dealers are beginning to invest in upgraded service centers, but sales have far outpaced the level of service centers.

Q: Is there any plan to offer supports on the rear of Redwoods for stability when set up?
A: Still in discussion and engineering.

Q: Why can't you access the bedroom and kitchen without opening slides in some of the new models?
A: Not all floor plans are suitable for everyone.

Q: Are there any plans to offer these options?
IS - probably not
Clear solid screen door - they have added it to their list to look at
Built in surge protector - yes
Rooftop satellite - no
Solar - yes

Q: With a warranty designed for full-timers, why not help with some of the additional expenses (i.e. lodging) when in for warranty work?
A: Not practical to provide related expenses as it affects the cost of all the Redwood products, but the Redwood team does want to work with owners and be our advocate.

(Note: the above questions/answers were written down, by me, to the best of my ability while the session occurred. Please feel free to correct if I am in error).
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Paul & Tracy Bridges
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2019 National Rally Update From Redwood 2 months 3 weeks ago #2

Thank You Paul,

For those of us that cannot make it to the rally and had questions this is great information..

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2019 National Rally Update From Redwood 2 months 3 weeks ago #3

  • Jim and Mary
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  • “Jim
  • Redwood/2013/36RL
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this for us who cannot attend the rally. Much appreciated.

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Jim & Mary Butters, Maggie (furry kiddo)
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